This section and menu options offer some background information, mainly historical, about Bloxwich and district.

Bloxwich, Leamore, Blakenall Heath and Birchills have had a fascinating and colourful Black Country past.

Today they are an architectural mix of mostly Victorian and 20th century buildings, some of which are in poor condition, and housing estates which have been neglected in the past and which merge places formerly separated by countryside.

There are signs of new development in places, with some attractive new apartments and private housing, but the post-2007 economic downturn has caused the pace of improvement to slow.

There is still industry in the area, but not on the scale of the past. There are many small shops.

While strongly tied to Bloxwich and inheritors of the independent spirit of the ancient Foreign, both Leamore and Blakenall Heath each have their own strong identities and individual needs, with Birchills, while historically part of the Foreign, today having closer links with Walsall town.

The area is still a pleasant place to live, though it has its problems and is in need of TLC in places!

Thoughtful and heritage-minded development and regeneration would be welcome.

News & heritage for Bloxwich, Walsall & Willenhall. Formerly The Bloxidge Tallygraph. Est. 2006, inspired by a Victorian news-sheet. Edditid by a Bloxidge Mon.

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