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Bloxwich and Walsall election results


It was a quiet start to the day for the Little Bloxwich polling station at Holy Ascension Church
It was a quiet start to the day for the Little Bloxwich polling station at Holy Ascension Church

After a busy day and night for candidates and Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council staff, the results are now in for this year’s round of local government elections.

Council control

With a low voter turnout overall, and despite being the party with the largest number of elected Councillors, Labour have still not managed to achieve a majority across the Borough. However, Walsall’s Labour Leader Cllr Sean Coughlan has reportedly stated that the party will be meeting the two Liberal Democrat councillors this morning to discuss joining forces to run the council. We are awaiting an official announcement on this.

Whoever takes control will still have to implement massive cuts forced on them by the Conservative governments ‘austerity’ policies, although it is expected that Labour will have a differerent take on what public services and other areas will be cut, where and how.

Victims of changes

There was dramatic change in Blakenall Ward this time around, with ‘independent’ incumbent Pete Smith being knocked out by Labour’s Matt Ward with a majority of 257.  Meanwhile in Bloxwich West, the Conservatives gained a surprise seat, with Brad Allen defeating Labour’s Patti Lane by just 109 votes.

Over in Birchills-Leamore and Bloxwich East, the song remained with same with Tina Jukes and Julie Fitzpatrick holding fast for the Labour Party with 1736 and 1168 votes respectively, the Tory candidates being beaten soundly by Labour majorities of 1229 and 690.

Polling Station banner

The detailed results for the Bloxwich and district wards are as follows:

Candidate Party Votes received
Ali Shaz The Conservative Party Candidate  507
Jukes Tina Joan Labour Party  1736**H

** Elected
H or G: Hold or Gain

Candidate Party Votes received
Derry Hilda The Conservative Party Candidate  228
Smith Pete  811
Ward Matt Labour Party Candidate  1068**G

** Elected
H or G: Hold or Gain

Bloxwich East
Candidate Party Votes received
Fitzpatrick Julie Labour Party  1168**H
Statham Mark Andrew The Conservative Party Candidate  682
Timmins Gary UK Independence Party (UKIP)  478

** Elected
H or G: Hold or Gain

Bloxwich West
Candidate Party Votes received
Allen Brad  The Conservative Party Candidate  1434**G
Lane Patti Labour Party  1325

** Elected
H or G: Hold or Gain

Borough results

Election results for the whole of Walsall Metropolitan Borough can be found via the following link:


Results figures are provided here courtesy of Walsall Council

It’s election time tomorrow!


Election Question

Tomorrow, Thursday 5th May 2016, sees both this year’s round of Walsall Council elections and the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner election take place, and anyone who has registered to vote is entitled and encouraged to do so.  In fact, it’s very important that everyone who can vote, does – that’s how democracy works, and if you don’t have your say, you can hardly complain when policies are put in place which you don’t like.

This year’s elections in Walsall are, of course, not for all Councillors, but enough are being elected or potentially re-elected that the balance of power at Walsall Council could potentially swing from the present Conservative control to Labour, or indeed no overall control, so your vote really could make a difference, whichever candidate or party you wish to vote for.

Council cuts

In particular, this year the planning of yet more massive cuts forced on Walsall Council by the national Conservative government means that your local services could be significantly affected by which party gets into power in Walsall, so your vote really could make a serious difference, particularly with regard to a number of library closures, for example, which are expected to go ahead if a Conservative council is returned. If you are not sure about which cuts are planned in your electoral district, or want to complain about them, ask your local councillors – that’s what they are there for.


Voters in Walsall Metropolitan Borough should all by now have received their poll cards or, if necessary, had their opportunity to make a postal vote. Just as a reminder you can find a list of all the Walsall Council candidates who are up for election tomorrow, the locations of polling stations and more information about the elections in general,  including the Police and Crime Commissioner election, on the Walsall M.B.C. website:

Bloxwich and district candidates

As a quick reference, here’s the list of Walsall Council candidates standing for election or re-election in the Bloxwich area:

* denotes incumbent candidate


ALI, Shaz (Conservative)

JUKES, Tina Joan (Labour)*


DERRY, Hilda (Conservative)

SMITH, Pete (Independent)*

Bloxwich East

FITZPATRICK, Julie (Labour)*

STATHAM, Mark (Conservative)


Bloxwich West

ALLEN, Brad (Conservative)

LANE, Patti (Labour)*

Election results

As usual, we’ll post the election results for the Bloxwich area, and the final composition of Walsall Council, as soon as we have the details following the election.

So, watch this space!

New Bloxwich Labour councillor makes education her priority

Cllr Patti Lane (Picture: George Makin).
Cllr Patti Lane (Picture: George Makin).

Bloxwich West’s newest Labour councillor, Patti Lane, will make education her priority after a closely fought by-election which she won with over 50 percent of the vote.

The retired primary school teacher out-polled Conservative, UKIP and Liberal Democrat candidates with a majority of 266, increasing the party’s share of the vote and overall majority.

She won the seat at the election on 15th November after popular Councillor Sue Fletcher-Hall stepped down for personal reasons.

Cllr Lane, a mother of three, told The Bloxwich Telegraph that her victory was a rejection of the Tory/Lib Dems coalition which runs Walsall council.

She said:

“The people of Bloxwich West have clearly rejected the disproportionate cuts the government, and its supporters in Walsall council, are forcing on local authorities.

“As a former teacher I will make education and care of our local children a priority.

“But campaigning on the doorstep it was clear that people are concerned that cuts in police numbers and council services like park wardens, will see an increase in anti-social behaviour and crime.

“Another issue of concern is the terrible state of the roads and pavements in areas like Mossely, which have been neglected and under funded for some time.

“I want to thank all those people who voted for me, and a great campaigning team, for their support and over the coming weeks and months I am looking forward to holding regular surgeries and visiting community groups to see how I  and the Labour Party can improve peoples’ lives in the ward.”

For more information on the Labour Party in Walsall, see: Walsall Council Labour Group

Election News: Bloxwich West council by-election and PCC

Election Question

Yesterday’s national poll for new regional Police and Crime Commissioners has been soundly beaten into insignificance locally by the Bloxwich West Ward Walsall Council By-election which was taking place simultaneously.


Long-suffering Polling Station staff in Bloxwich who were expecting to be bored rigid between 7am – 10pm by the predicted low turnout for the West Midlands crime supremo elections in fact experienced an unexpected frisson of excitement in Bloxwich West as Labour Party supporters came out in their hundreds to give the other parties an electoral bloody nose.

The Walsall Council seat became vacant after popular Councillor Sue Fletcher-Hall stepped down for personal reasons.

And yesterday’s local derby managed to poll almost double the percentage turnout of electorate compared to the national government’s brand-new ‘flagship’ regional election, despite the dark and dismal weather.

The Bloxwich West by-election result was declared at 1.20am this morning (Friday 16 November).

The final results were as follows:

Patricia Lane (Labour) 1,049 votes.

Abigail Pitt (Conservative) 783 votes.

Elizabeth Hazell (UKIP) 195 votes and Lib Dem candidate

Christine Cockayne (Liberal Democrats) 61 votes.

The turnout was 21.17 per cent.

Successful Labour candidate Patricia Lane has therefore duly been elected as councillor for the Bloxwich West ward of Walsall Council.

Further Information

No other information about our new Bloxwich West Councillor is online as yet – so if anyone is able to send us info or email us a scan of Mrs Lane’s election leaflet, we would be very grateful.

Please email to:


The PCC West Midlands Police regional election result, after an historically low national turnout yesterday, has now been announced as follows:

RESULT: Bob Jones (Labour Party) was elected with 117,388 votes after the second preferences votes were added.

For more information about Mr Jones, follow this lnk.

TURNOUT: 12.31%

Editorial: Police and Crime Commissioner election today

Commissioner Gordon, PCC candidate for the Walsall Boro of Gotham City.

Call me a hairy old cynic if you like (and all of those terms may well be true), but the imminent prospect of giving yet another distant and probably rather deaf politician a leg-up onto the Gravy Train does not exactly fill me with glee – however this is the opportunity which has been gifted to all of us of voting age by the rampant racketeers running the show from Number 10 down in Londinium, oh chums.

Yes, for those of you who haven’t noticed (and who could blame you, bearing in mind the late and rather skimpy information about candidates made available?) you may be interested to know that the Bat-Signal has finally gone up over Brummagem, heralding the election for the new Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands (aka Greater Brummagem) which takes place today (Thursday 15th November) at a polling station near you.

Once the election has concluded and the results announced, the PCCs, for short, will replace police authorities currently in charge of 41 police forces in England and Wales.  They will have wide powers of oversight, being responsible for setting priorities for their police force, overseeing its budget and hiring the chief constable – but not, it is said, over the day-to-day operation of local policing.  In other words, they’ll be busy wasting police time, an activity for which us ordinary Gothamites would be banged in the slammer or relieved of a whole heap of moolah.

But seriously folks, it is remotely possible that they will have some influence over the desperate cuts that are disturbing the peace in cop shops across the nation, so this is worth bearing in mind.  On the other hand, depending on their political colour, they may be only too keen to preside over a criminal record of cuts, maybe even replacing our much-loved local rozzers with rusty Robocops like we’ve seen in so many libraries of late…

Those PCC’s in the most extensive police force areas – and Greater Brummagem is presumably one of these – will be paid salaries of more than £100,000 – and no prior police force experience is needed, which seems rather a novelty for such an apparently complex and influential job.  But then, it also seems that neither MP’s nor government Ministers need to know anything about running a country either, so why not?

Will this whole shebang be worth more than a hill o’ beans in the end?  Or will the Government continue to Kapow our local bobbies till all we have left of our excellent Walsall Police force is a Tardis, a part-time PCSO and a com-BAT-trained Chihuahua?

Well, as far as voting goes at least, the choice is yours in the end – this is a democracy, after all (allegedly).  And just in case you don’t believe, as do some less charitable folk, that the whole business is just another cynical ploy to enable politicians to gain more power over both plod and plebs alike, it seems only right that we point you in the direction of some useful background info about the candidates for this exercise in ‘regional’ democracy (what do you mean, you wish we were back in Staffordshire?).

The candidates for the West Midlands Police PCC are (or were, in one case):

  • Matt Bennett – Conservative
  • Ray Egan – Independent (CANDIDATE HAS WITHDRAWN)
  • Bill Etheridge – UKIP
  • Cath Hannon – Independent
  • Bob Jones – Labour
  • Ayoub Khan – Liberal Democrat
  • Mike Rumble – Independent
  • Bishop Derek Webley – Independent

If you haven’t received a leaflet about the candidates through your door, you may find the following sites useful for background to help you make your choice more informed, should you wish to vote:

Whether you’re excited or not at the prospect of replacing a gaggle of overpaid, faceless bureaucrats with a single, slightly less faceless, overpaid  bureaucrat (remember none of these PCC candidates are from Walsall, the nearest is a denizen of Wolverhampton) who may or may not have a political axe to grind, you may at least like the idea of more alleged accountability over police policy and funding, if not more accountability over the police themselves.  On that basis, perhaps it may be worth voting after all.

Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way – and if only 10% turn out for the vote, that can hardly be a victory for democracy, or accountability,can it?

Personally, I think I may just spend the day digging guano out of the Bloxwich Bat-cave…

Dear Citizens of Greater Brummagem, your comments are most welcome (but keep ’em clean!).

Going loco, down in Little Blocko...

Stuart Williams, Editor

Labour Party take Bloxwich East by storm

Julie Fitzpatrick has the support of David Winnick, MP.
Julie Fitzpatrick has the support of David Winnick, MP.

Thursday’s by-election in the Bloxwich East Ward of Walsall Council has seen an historic swing to Labour of 19% in a ward which has for a good number of years been split between their party and the Conservatives, with the latter in the majority.

In a significant victory, the seat left vacant following the death of long-serving Tory Bill Tweddle fell to an apparently rejuvenated local Labour party, seeing the defeat of Conservative candidate Les Beeley by almost ninety votes, leaving the other parties to scrabble in the dust for those few votes left.

Labour’s successful candidate, the energetic and community-minded Julie Fitzpatrick, is married to Shaun Fitzpatrick, whose own battle on behalf of the Labour party saw a previous defeat of long-serving Beeley in the council elections earlier this year.

The full voting results are:

Labour 922, Conservative 834, UKIP 98, English Democrats 49, Green Party 16.

The numbers of seats on Walsall Council as therefore now as follows:

Labour 27
Conservative 27
Lib Dem 5
Independent 1

The Bloxwich Telegraph would like to congratulate Julie Fitzpatrick on her success.  We hope to be able to report more on her work as our newest Labour Councillor in the near future.

Figures courtesy Pheasey Park Farm Labour.

Julie Fitzpatrick stands for Labour in Bloxwich East

Julie Fitzpatrick digs for victory in Bloxwich High Street
Julie Fitzpatrick digs for victory in Bloxwich High Street during Bloxwich in Bloom.

Julie Fitzpatrick, the Labour Party’s newest candidate on the block in Bloxwich, is digging for victory in this week’s Bloxwich East by-election, which takes place on Thursday 27 October.

And Julie, who says she wants to stand up for the local community against Tory-LibDem cuts, is hoping to help overturn the established balance of power in Bloxwich East by pipping former Conservative councillor Les Beeley in particular at the post, in a battle for the seat vacated by the late Bill Tweddle, another long-serving Tory, who passed away earlier this year.

Julie Fitzpatrick has the support of David Winnick, MP.
Julie Fitzpatrick has the support of David Winnick, MP.

Julie, who has lived in Victoria Avenue, Bloxwich, for eleven years, has a good track record of working enthusiastically in the community, helping raise funds for St. Giles Walsall Hospice through the WS3 Friends of Walsall Hospice Group, and is also an active member of Bloxwich Carnival Committee as well as a member of St. Peter’s Church.

Julie Fitzpatrick said “It’s time for change in Bloxwich East. Vote for the candidate who will help you solve local issues that affect you. Vote for the candidate who has worked voluntarily in your area – not just at election time in order to get your vote.  Vote for me.  Vote for change.”

Polling takes place between 7am-10pm at Bloxwich C E J M I School, High St;  Lower Farm Primary School, Bakewell Close;  Little Bloxwich CE Primary, Grenfell Road;  St. Peters R.C. Church Hall, Harrison St;  Green Rock Primary School, Mersey Road, Blakenall Heath and Valley Nursery School, Blakenall Heath.

Full details of the Bloxwich East by-election, including all of the candidates, can be found and downloaded on Walsall Council’s Elections and Voting web page.