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The Bloxwich Telegraph, 21st January 1886
The original Bloxwich Telegraph, published 21st January 1886

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The Bloxwich Telegraph is the successor to the popular online publication The Bloxidge Tallygraph, published June 2006 – October 2011.

It is edited by Stuart Williams and published by The Little Bloxwich Press.


As before we aim to provide community news, information and local heritage articles for the ancient village of Bloxwich and the surrounding district, including Blakenall Heath, Leamore and Birchills.  The Bloxwich Telegraph is committed to supporting and promoting our local area, and is published free of charge in support of the local community and ex-pats world-wide.


This succession and came about because it has become necessary, for reasons of economy, efficiency, time-saving and technical improvements, to move the Tallygraph from (where it has resided since 2006) over to WordPress.  We are using because it is basically free, though we may consider our options for a possible move to at a later date if there is a need for signficant expansion or facilities not available here.


Our readers may or may not be aware that the original Bloxidge Tallygraph, a scurrilous news-sheet which dates from 1874, itself underwent a major transformation in later years, and by January 1886 it had been reborn as The Bloxwich Telegraph, which although no longer presented in Black Country dialect, was even more of a rabble-rouser for the village than its predecessor!

It seemed appropriate, therefore, to follow the lead of the modern Bloxidge Tallygraph’s illustrious predecessors, and this new-look publication has now been re-launched and will henceforth be known as The Bloxwich Telegraph.

You can read an issue of the original Bloxwich Telegraph by clicking on the image above.


You are welcome to contact the Editor & Publisher of The Bloxwich Telegraph (yours truly!) via our Contact page, by direct email to or via Twitter or take part in local discussions by joining our Facebook group (see the front page for additional links).  Local news for possible publication is always welcome!

Comments are closed on most pages but Editorial posts (see categories) will have comments open to aid discussion on specific topics.

Thanks for reading!

Stuart Williams

Editor & Publisher, The Bloxwich Telegraph

News & heritage for Bloxwich, Walsall & Willenhall. Formerly The Bloxidge Tallygraph. Est. 2006, inspired by a Victorian news-sheet. Edditid by a Bloxidge Mon.

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