Polling Station

It’s election time tomorrow!


Election Question

Tomorrow, Thursday 5th May 2016, sees both this year’s round of Walsall Council elections and the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner election take place, and anyone who has registered to vote is entitled and encouraged to do so.  In fact, it’s very important that everyone who can vote, does – that’s how democracy works, and if you don’t have your say, you can hardly complain when policies are put in place which you don’t like.

This year’s elections in Walsall are, of course, not for all Councillors, but enough are being elected or potentially re-elected that the balance of power at Walsall Council could potentially swing from the present Conservative control to Labour, or indeed no overall control, so your vote really could make a difference, whichever candidate or party you wish to vote for.

Council cuts

In particular, this year the planning of yet more massive cuts forced on Walsall Council by the national Conservative government means that your local services could be significantly affected by which party gets into power in Walsall, so your vote really could make a serious difference, particularly with regard to a number of library closures, for example, which are expected to go ahead if a Conservative council is returned. If you are not sure about which cuts are planned in your electoral district, or want to complain about them, ask your local councillors – that’s what they are there for.


Voters in Walsall Metropolitan Borough should all by now have received their poll cards or, if necessary, had their opportunity to make a postal vote. Just as a reminder you can find a list of all the Walsall Council candidates who are up for election tomorrow, the locations of polling stations and more information about the elections in general,  including the Police and Crime Commissioner election, on the Walsall M.B.C. website:


Bloxwich and district candidates

As a quick reference, here’s the list of Walsall Council candidates standing for election or re-election in the Bloxwich area:

* denotes incumbent candidate


ALI, Shaz (Conservative)

JUKES, Tina Joan (Labour)*


DERRY, Hilda (Conservative)

SMITH, Pete (Independent)*

Bloxwich East

FITZPATRICK, Julie (Labour)*

STATHAM, Mark (Conservative)


Bloxwich West

ALLEN, Brad (Conservative)

LANE, Patti (Labour)*

Election results

As usual, we’ll post the election results for the Bloxwich area, and the final composition of Walsall Council, as soon as we have the details following the election.

So, watch this space!