Coalpool Pound Force, Coalpool Lane, Walsall

Pound Force pounded by Magistrates

Coalpool Pound Force, Coalpool Lane, Walsall
Coalpool Pound Force, Coalpool Lane, Walsall

A Coalpool convenience store which was closed down by Walsall Council environmental health officers after they found mouse droppings and partly eaten food, including cakes, were ordered to pay £1,796.86 by Walsall Magistrates, on 22 June 2015.

Coalpool Pound Force, Coalpool Lane was issued with a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice, requiring its immediate closure, following a visit by environmental health officers on Wednesday 5 November 2014.

On Wednesday 12 November 2014 the owner was allowed to reopen the business having worked closely alongside environmental health officers to address the concerns they had.

The convenience store was ordered to close its doors after mouse droppings were discovered throughout the shop, along with gnawed food. Officers identified external and internal holes in the building providing rodents access to the shop.

As a result of the conditions found in November legal proceedings were instituted against the store owner Swindr Singh Seedana. Mr Seedana pleaded guilty to all four charges and was subsequently fined £170 for each of the offences totalling £680 and also ordered to pay £1,096.86 costs, with a victim surcharge of £20.

David Elrington environmental health manager, said: “This is the third such case brought before Walsall Magistrates this year as a result of rodent infestations in food premises.

“Whilst we understand the pressures faced by businesses and will try where we can to assist them we are absolutely committed to protecting public health and will not hesitate in using the legal powers available to us to achieve this.

“Mice spread diseases such as salmonella and their faeces can contaminate food products thereby placing the public’s health at risk if they are present in an area where food is being stored and sold.”