Rotary Crocuses

Bloxwich Rotary crocuses highlight Polio campaign

Rotary Crocuses

The host of purple crocuses recently spouting around Bloxwich, planted by the Rotary Club of Bloxwich Phoenix – most notably around the memorial oak tree in Bloxwich Promenade Gardens – are part of a national Rotary campaign to raise awareness of Rotary’s efforts with others in the global initiative to eradicate the disease Polio.

Just 50 years ago hundreds of people, mostly children, died each year here in the UK from this terrible disease.

With the advent of an oral vaccine and a vaccination programme the disease has now been eradicated from most countries worldwide.

Rotary’s efforts and it’s mass vaccinations in the remaining endemic countries have helped to get us to the point where now only three countries worldwide remain Polio endemic.

The purple crocus flower was chosen to promote the campaign as the purple colour is used to mark the fingers of vaccinated children when vaccination programmes take place overseas.

The world-wide Rotary International charity and its partners are so very close to completing the task.

Find out more about the campaign and its history at where you can take part in the world’s biggest commercial.