Santa drops in!

It’s not Christmas in Bloxwich till the Rotary Santa drops in!

Santa drops in!

In Bloxwich, you can always tell Christmas is coming – it’s when the Rotary Santa Claus drops in!

For decades, the real herald of the season has not been Mr Robin, Jack Frost, snow falling, or even naff festive muzak in the shops – it’s been the jolly red-suited man in the sleigh with the golden cog-wheel on its side.  And this year is no different, children and adults in the village and on the estates will be delighted to hear!

Santa's on his way!

The Rotary Club of Bloxwich Phoenix are enthusiastically maintaining the fine tradition of festive visitations and felicitations begun decades ago by their predecessor group, and they can always be sure of a warm welcome in so many places and from so many people that may have little else to cheer them on these cold, dark nights.

The Bloxwich Rotary Santa's on his way!
The Bloxwich Rotary Santa’s on his way!

As is traditional, Santa and his community-minded helpers will be touring all over Bloxwich and district – including Blakenall Heath, Mossley, Dudley Fields, Lower Farm, and Turnberry (plus Pelsall!) – and that tour starts this week!  See below for routes and times.


And for some added fun for families, if you’re on one of his routes, Santa and his helpers can deliver a letter from Santa to your child. Please send letters to Santa c/o 28a Lister Street, Willenhall, West Midlands. WV13 2HQ, or request a letter via the Rotary Club of Bloxwich Phoenix website. They will hand deliver a reply free of charge on the evening of your route.

Santa is also internet-savvy these days – so if you prefer to e-mail, he can be reached at for this, or any other queries you have.

FOR FULL DETAILS, follow this link: Santa Letter


And what’s more – would you believe it, Norad in America may be able to track Santa on his way round the globe, but we can go one better, as you’d expect, and track him round Bloxwich!

On the evening of each route, you will be able to track Santa’s location in real-time online on Rotary’s website, so there’s no need to stand outside in the cold weather for too long!

Of course, Santa’s visits to Bloxwich and district are not just about some much-needed seasonal jollity; there is a serious purpose too.  Rotary is a charitable organisation that does good works both in the local community and on a global scale.

All the money collected from the Santa Sleigh collection will be donated to the Rotary Foundation of the United Kingdom. The charity provides funds for many important humanitarian projects at home and abroad is one of the major partners in the drive to finally eliminate polio worldwide.

They need our help, and donations are welcome, so why not look out for Santa coming your way, say hello, have some family fun and do some good, in the true spirit of Christmas?

The times and dates of Santa’s visits this Christmas are listed below for your reference.  Remember they may be subject to change, but you can track Santa online to make sure!

For more information, you can also read or print online a special leaflet which is being distributed locally, via this link.



Friday 7th December: Blakenall Heath  6:30pm – 8:45pm

Abbotts Street, Benton Crescent, Ryle Street, Pine Street, Ingram Road, Penderel Street,
Booth Street, Valley Road, Ryle Street, Hollands Road, Abbotts Street.

Saturday 8th December: Mossley  4:30pm – 8:45pm

Tintern Crescent, Cleeve Road, Cleeve Way, Pershore Road, Kirkstall Crescent, Tintern Way, Pershore Close, Cresswell Crescent, Waverley Road, Margam Crescent, Margam Terrace, Roche Road, Roche Way, Neath Road, Netley Road, Abbey Square, Fountains Road, Fountains Way, Tewkesbury Road, Glastonbury Crescent, Evesham Crescent.

Tuesday 11th December:  Pelsall 6:30pm – 8:45pm

Riddings Crescent, Trevor Road, Oak Road, Woodlands Crescent, Forge Road, Wood Lane, Wood Common Grange, Millers Walk.

Wednesday 12th December: Dudley Fields 6:30pm – 8:45pm

Sneyd Hall Road, Croxdene Avenue (loop), Sneyd Hall Road, Coalway Road, Chase Road, Sneyd Hall Road, Croxdene Avenue, Dartford Road, Heather Road, Ashley Road, Mulberry Road.

Friday 14th December: Lower Farm  6:30pm – 8:45pm

Stoney Lane, Sanstone Road, Bamford Road, Buxton Road, Fishley Lane, Simmonds Road, Fishley Close, Ashbourne Road, Belper Road, Matlock Road, Castleton Road.

Saturday 15th December: Turnberry 4:30pm – 8:45pm

Saunton Road, Enville Close, Sunningdale Way, Birkdale Road, Formby Way, Walton Heath, Selsdon Road, Gleneagles Rd, Burslem Close, Astbury Close, Elgin Road, Wetherby Street, Saddleworth Road, Redbourn Road, Nairn Road, Ferndown Close, Alnwick Road, Ganton Road.


Routes/Times are subject to change. You can check and track routes at

Rotary Club of Bloxwich Phoenix also has a Facebook group.