Green wheelie bin.

Council threatens wrong rubbish recyclers with bin boycott

Green wheelie bin.

Walsall borough residents who contaminate their recycling bins with items such as nappies and black bags are being warned that their bins will not be emptied as part of a major recycling drive by Walsall Council.

The recycling rate for the borough in 2011/12 was apparently reduced by 2 per cent down to 45 per cent, according to the authority – and recycling chiefs at Walsall Council said in a press release last week that the main reason for the decline is the amount of non-recyclable items and rubbish which are being put into the recycling bin.

They claim that the reduction in recycling is costing the council substantial amounts in lost revenue and additional landfill charges so a ‘zero tolerance’ approach is now being taken to address the issue.

Walsall Council is now taking action against those who persistently put the wrong items in their recycling bins and is warning residents that refuse crews will not collect bins which contain contaminated items.

The main cause of contamination to recycling bins has been identified as black bags, general household waste, food waste, textiles, nappies and electrical goods.

Residents have been advised of items that the council can recycle through various channels including leaflet drops and bin collection calendars. But some residents continue to contaminate their green bins with food waste and nappies – meaning, the Council says, that it will not be accepted at the recycling plant because it is contaminated with non-recyclables.

The worst areas for contaminating recyclables have been targeted with leaflets and have also had stickers put on their bins to encourage them to recycle responsibly.

From 19th November, refuse crews have been advised to not empty bins which contain any inappropriate contaminating items. Residents will be asked to remove these items and present their bin again at the next scheduled collection.

Councillor Tom Ansell, portfolio holder for transport and environment with Walsall Council’s Coalition, said:

“The amount of recycling done in the borough is unfortunately reducing because of the amount of non-reyclable items which are put in the green bins that are contaminating full loads.

“This lack of compliance by many of the  borough’s residents is costing the council substantial amounts in lost revenue and additional landfill charges, and  will ultimately have a detrimental effect on other services we are able to provide to our residents.

“We have tried to educate residents with leaflets and stickers on bins but unfortunately some people are not taking any notice so we need to take a stand. From November 19th, refuse crews will not collect recycling bins which are contaminated with non-recyclables.”

Residents are asked to look out for their bin collection calendar, it contains a list of the top 20 items the council recycles and guidance on items that cannot be accepted.

Residents who have any queries about recycling  should call 01922 653344 for more information or email