Election Question

Election News: Bloxwich West council by-election and PCC

Election Question

Yesterday’s national poll for new regional Police and Crime Commissioners has been soundly beaten into insignificance locally by the Bloxwich West Ward Walsall Council By-election which was taking place simultaneously.


Long-suffering Polling Station staff in Bloxwich who were expecting to be bored rigid between 7am – 10pm by the predicted low turnout for the West Midlands crime supremo elections in fact experienced an unexpected frisson of excitement in Bloxwich West as Labour Party supporters came out in their hundreds to give the other parties an electoral bloody nose.

The Walsall Council seat became vacant after popular Councillor Sue Fletcher-Hall stepped down for personal reasons.

And yesterday’s local derby managed to poll almost double the percentage turnout of electorate compared to the national government’s brand-new ‘flagship’ regional election, despite the dark and dismal weather.

The Bloxwich West by-election result was declared at 1.20am this morning (Friday 16 November).

The final results were as follows:

Patricia Lane (Labour) 1,049 votes.

Abigail Pitt (Conservative) 783 votes.

Elizabeth Hazell (UKIP) 195 votes and Lib Dem candidate

Christine Cockayne (Liberal Democrats) 61 votes.

The turnout was 21.17 per cent.

Successful Labour candidate Patricia Lane has therefore duly been elected as councillor for the Bloxwich West ward of Walsall Council.

Further Information

No other information about our new Bloxwich West Councillor is online as yet – so if anyone is able to send us info or email us a scan of Mrs Lane’s election leaflet, we would be very grateful.

Please email to: bloxwichtelegraph@gmail.com


The PCC West Midlands Police regional election result, after an historically low national turnout yesterday, has now been announced as follows:

RESULT: Bob Jones (Labour Party) was elected with 117,388 votes after the second preferences votes were added.

For more information about Mr Jones, follow this lnk.

TURNOUT: 12.31%