Sergeant Hannah Davies (inset) and tree damage

Shocking Bloxwich tree vandalism mystery solved

Sergeant Hannah Davies (inset) and tree damage

The mystery of the terrible vandalism done to trees in the Bloxwich Promenade Gardens off High Street has been solved, thanks to information received from public-spirited local people via Cllr Kath Philips, Cllr Julie Fitzpatrick, The Bloxwich Telegraph and others, and the perpetrator has been promptly identified and located by Bloxwich police.

The fear of possible dog-fighting activity has also, thankfully, now been laid to rest.

Bloxwich East Neighbourhood team leader Sergeant Hannah Davies (photo inset above), speaking to The Bloxwich Telegraph, said:

“A local male has been identified as responsible for the damage by encouraging his dog to scratch at the trees while he was sitting in the park.

“The dog isn’t a fighting dog and doesn’t pose any more danger to the public than any other dog, his actions were merely done for amusement but have unfortunately resulted in devastating damage to several trees.  The damage caused has no link to dog fighting at all.

“The male in question will be arrested and dealt with at the earliest opportunity. No further damage to the trees has been done since this male has been identified and spoken to briefly by officers.

“The Council have been liaised with and have provided funding so the trees can be surrounded by bamboo to protect them.  Cllr Fitzpatrick, Cllr Phillips and Nikki Rolls have been updated.”

These mindless acts of vandalism were kindly brought to the attention of The Bloxwich Telegraph by local Councillor Kath Philips – see our original story via this link.

Nikki Rolls of Walsall Council has invited anyone willing to volunteer to help with the work of protecting the trees to join her at the Bloxwich Fountain in Promenade Gardens on Thursday at 10.30am – see today’s earlier story via this link.

Bloxwich East Neighbourhood Police’s website can be found via this link.