Welcome to our special section promoting business in Bloxwich and district!  The aim of these pages is to encourage the support of local retailers, traders and businesses in Bloxwich, Leamore, Blakenall Heath and Birchills (the latter to be added in due course).

Shopping locally for goods and services is not only good for the environment, it’s good for choice, good for local jobs and good for the local economy!

This section of The Bloxwich Telegraph includes a downloadable ‘Bostin’ Bloxwich’ guide, a special feature on Bloxwich Market, our Bloxwich, Leamore and Blakenall Heath Trade Directories and links to the Bloxwich Business Partnership.

As always, caveat emptor – The Bloxwich Telegraph and its editor are not responsible for the accuracy of information given to us by businesses nor for their products and practices.

The information in this section is provided free of charge.

Meanwhile, visit the sections described below by clicking on the logos, photos or links!

Bostin’ Bloxwich Guide

Businesses in Bloxwich have joined forces with Walsall Council’s district centre management team for the second time to promote the village and showcase everything it has to offer – from shopping to places to visit.

The special Summer edition of the ‘Bostin’ Bloxwich’ business booklet pinpointing places of interest and key events taking place in the town has been produced by Bloxwich Business Partnership supported by the council’s district centres team.

Each business has a grid reference attached enabling the public to locate them easily on a map.

This issue also promotes Bloxwich Carnival 2011.

Copies of the Bostin’ Bloxwich guide are distributed through schools and businesses. It has been paid for by the businesses featured in it.

Bloxwich Business Partnership is open to all businesses, organisations and groups who work or have a vested interest in the area. For more information regarding the partnership call Nikki Rolls on 01922 652507.

AND YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE SUMMER 2011 BOSTIN BLOXIDGE VIA Bostin Bloxwich Booklet, Summer 2011.

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Bloxwich Market

It’s small, but beautifully marked – and features some great local traders with a superb selection of goods!  Click on the logo above to read our feature on Bloxwich Market!

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Bloxwich Trade Directory

This section of our series of local trade directories is aimed at supporting traders and businesses in the historic village of Bloxwich.

To view the Bloxwich Trade Directory please click on the photo of Bloxwich High Street above!

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Leamore Trade Directory

This section of our series of local trade directories is aimed at supporting traders and businesses in Leamore, between Bloxwich and Walsall.

To view the Leamore Trade Directory please click on the photo of Leamore Shopping Precinct above!

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Blakenall Heath Trade Directory

This section of our new series of local trade directories is aimed at supporting traders and businesses in Blakenall Heath, near Bloxwich and Leamore.

To view the Blakenall Heath Trade Directory please click on the photo above!

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Bloxwich Business Partnership

The partnership was re-launched in October 2009 and has achieved much in a short amount of time.  The partnership consults with local businesses, organisations and stakeholders in order to capture their key issues and concerns to focus on discussing them at meetings and what action they wish to proceed with.

To find out more about this enthusiastic and growing forum for local business in our area, click on the logo above to read all about it!

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