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Wave Goodbye, Say Hello as we move to

Wave Goodbye, Say Hello as we move to

A new beginning Today marks an exciting and important day for The Bloxwich Telegraph and its readers as this publication regenerates, Timelord-style, from the previous version (which you are reading) into something which combines elements of both past and future – the NEW Bloxwich Telegraph - all in order to better serve the people of Bloxwich and district! The Bloxwich … Continue reading

In other news...

  • As you will probably be aware, the Bloxwich Telegraph has moved to a new design system - - and a new host and URL: We need as many of our previous subscribers as possible to change to the new site, and we would therefore like to encourage you to go to the new Bloxwich Telegraph as soon as convenient and subscribe by entering your email address into the box at the bottom right of the Home page and clicking Subscribe. Unfortunately we cannot transfer your subscription ourselves, so we would be very grateful if you would do this so we can continue to link directly to you as before, and offer a you a more direct service in this way. New subscribers reading this are also welcome, of course! Many thanks. Stuart Williams The Bloxwich Telegraph
  • Walsall's very own countdown to Christmas got underway yesterday - with a special online Advent calendar. (more…)
  • A cash gift of £500 from Walsall Police is set to be a "reel" boost for disabled anglers and nature lovers at Goscote Greenacres. (more…)
  • Walsall borough residents who contaminate their recycling bins with items such as nappies and black bags are being warned that their bins will not be emptied as part of a major recycling drive by Walsall Council. (more…)
  • Pupils, parents and staff from Leamore Primary School enjoyed an evening at Wembley to watch the international football match between England and San Marino on 12 October. (more…)
  • Search engine and mapping giant Google has focused its global gaze on the Bloxwich area once more as one of its Street View photographic surveying cars was spotted in Matlock Close, Little Bloxwich this afternoon (pictured, above). (more…)
  • With the cold weather now setting in, Walsall Council is offering an opportunity for local residents to have their electric blankets safety checked, free of charge. (more…)
  • West Midlands Police will be keeping a close eye on planned protest due to take place in Walsall town centre tomorrow, Saturday 29 September 2012. (more…)
  • Walsall Police are holding their annual Open Day at Walsall Police Station, Green Lane tomorrow, Sunday 23 September and members of the public are invited to join in the fun and find out more about the work of local bobbies! (more…)

Welcome to The Bloxwich Telegraph

The Bloxwich Telegraph is the online community news, information and heritage magazine for Bloxwich, Blakenall Heath, Leamore and Birchills, England.

LEADER: I’ll be back!

A while back, I announced that The Bloxwich Telegraph was going into hibernation for family and work reasons which made it difficult for me to keep up with work on the Telegraph.

That is still going to be the case for a while, but thanks to the kind support of some wonderful Bloxwich folk, I am now planning a return to at least limited operation, in time for Bloxwich Carnival on 3 August, and the carnival will be fully covered, all being well, as has been traditional since 2006.

If time permits, there may also be a re-launch on, in order to allow commercial development and advertising.

In the meantime, there will be occasional outbursts from The Bloxwich Telegraph, such as today's news about the Bloxwich Carnival Queen and her entourage.

More as matters develop.

Stuart Williams
Editor & Publisher

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